This work was supported by the Korean Federation of Science
and Technology Societies Grant Funded
by the Korean Government.

On-line Program

  • April 26 (Wed)

    2023 Man Jung Han
    Academic Excellence Award

    04.26 (Wed) 13:00-13:50, Room 401+402

    Porous Materials: Design, Post-Molecular Engineering and Desirable Properties

    Chang Seop Hong
    (Korea University)

    Tutorial 1

    04.26 (Wed) 14:00-16:00, Room 401+402

    Writing a Scientific Paper in English

    Dongho Kim
    (Yonsei University)

    Tutorial 2

    04.26 (Wed) 16:10-17:40, Room 401+402

    Computational Chemistry: Hands-on Electronic Structure Calculations

    Eunji Sim
    (Yonsei University)

    ACS Publications Summit at
    2023 KCS Spring Meeting

    04.26 (Wed) 13:00-18:00, Room 304+305+306

    Post-pandemic Transformations and Challenges in Nanoscale and Materials Chemistry

  • April 27 (Thu)

    Plenary Lecture

    04.27 (Thu) 13:00-14:20, Convention Hall 2

    Nanoparticle Shape Effects on Nano-Bio Interactions

    Teri W. Odom
    Northwestern University, USA (Editor-in-Chief, Nano Letters)

    Conformal Nano-bio Interfaces for Sense Digitalization

    Xiaodong Chen
    Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (Editor-in-Chief, ACS Nano)

    General Assembly

    04.27 (Thu) 14:30-15:30, Convention Hall 2

    BKCS Symposium

    04.27 (Thu) 15:40-17:30, Convention Hall 2

    BKCS : Future on the Korean Chemistry

    Scientific Programs

    Special Symposium
    April 27
    Invited Lecture
    April 27
    Oral Presentation
    April 27
    Division General Meeting
    April 27
  • April 28 (Fri)

    2023 Academic Excellence Award

    04.28 (Fri) 13:30-14:20, Room 304+305+306

    Pure Dephasing, Quantum Decoherence, and Wave-particle Duality

    Minhaeng Cho
    (Korea University)

    Laboratory Safety Education

    04.28 (Fri) 14:30-16:20, Room 204

    Reforming the Designation and Control System for Hazardous Chemical Substance

    Pong Gyun Park
    (National Institute of Chemical Safety)

    Three Decades of Investingation the Cardiovascular Health Effects of Chemical Exposure

    Jin-Ho Chung
    (Duksung Women's University)

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